Comics: 'Tis a Gift to Be Simple

by Dee. 11/22/2016
Good day, comics enthusiasts:

We're starting to head into the holiday season, and for this reason I bring you a bounty of previews.

Motor Crush: This looks like a really fun series, even though I'm not one for racing/ motocross. There's enough futuristic technology, stylistic nods to anime and striking narrative quirks to keep me interested.

Our heroine, Domino Swift, is the daughter of a former World Grand Prix racing champion. She races legitimately and is considered a rising star within the racing world. We are also introduced to Domino's nightlife: illegal street racing meets Akira-level violence.

Street Date: December 7

A.D.: After Death: I enjoy both of the creative forces on these books, Scott Snyder (Wytches and American Vampire) and Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth and Moon Knight). There's an excellent haunting melancholy to A.D., which combines the strengths of both creators.

The story's premise is that in the future, they have found the genetic cure for death. One of the main characters starts to question everything, taking a runty young calf under his wing. It's hard to describe where the tension comes from, and there's a certain resignation to the environment in which our main characters live (because they certainly aren't thriving).

Street date: Nov 23

Treadwater: Part 2: This comic book is part of a "transmedia" franchise, which I figure is similar to what the TV show "Heroes" did: through the TV show, the comic and the website, you are able to get the complete narrative from a number of different voices and perspectives. When "Heroes" took their opportunity to do this, it was pretty revolutionary for multimedia storytelling. Treadwater is a TV show, an app and a video game, so it will have it's own personality to the story that it tells.

Treadwater is filled with vigilantes, politcal intrigue and international terrorism, orchestrated by a sinister organization, the Children of Chaos. Treadwater is the company of vigilantes tasked with preventing nuclear weapons from being used. The artwork seems to have a balance between detailed and artistic enough to prevent some cringe-worthy images of torture from being explicit. I expect that Treadwater's rating is probably T+, based on the violence alone.

The Kickstarter for Tread Water has less than 24 hours, so we will see how that affects the pre-release date, which I can't seem to find.

Pre-Release: ... ?

Hope that your holidays are filled with good food and comics,


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