Magic the Gathering: New Phyrexia Booster Display (36)

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Magic: The Gathering > Scars Block: New Phyrexia
Product Code: WOC 32299-D UPC: 653569596318
Product Description:
Mirrodin's future will be forged: but by the forces of light or darkness? The victor in the struggle for Mirrodin will be revealed. Regardless of the victor, you'll get the spoils in New Phyrexia or Mirrodin Pure, the third and concluding set in the Scars of Mirrodin Block! Available in Intro Packs, Booster Packs, Fat Packs, and Event Decks, each card in this 175-card expansion for Magic the Gathering comes with a special watermark to indicate which faction it belongs to: Phyrexian or Mirran.


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