Stan Lee's Stripperella

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Product Code: DEC110962 UPC: 978098516450851499 ISBN: 0615498817
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Written by Stan Lee; Illustrated by Anthony Winn

Mature Readers

48 pages; soft cover; full color

From the imagination of legendary comic book creator Stan Lee comes a superheroine with a pair of huge attributes - courage and determination! Exotica Jones is a dancer by trade, but when she's not swinging from a pole and tucking twenties into her g-string, Exotica is the sexiest costumed superhero you've ever seen. While hot an heavy action and adventure are her forte, the object of Exotica's desire is Nick, who just may be the only man on earth who doesn't seem to notice her at all! Join Stripperella as she battles 'The Macabre Menace of the Mad Melter.'


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