Titanium: Episode I - Naboo Starfighter, MTT, Sith Infiltrator

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Product Code: H38873-38874 UPC: 653569704904
Product Description:
Rev up the action with these super-cool die cast vehicles from Episode I of the Star Wars epic! This pack includes the NABOO N-1 STARFIGHTER™, the kind used to protect the planet Naboo in the movie. You also get a TRADE FEDERATION MTT™ vehicle, like the heavily armored troop transport that carried battle droids! As though that weren’t enough, the SITH INFILTRATOR™ vehicle is just like the fearsome DARTH MAUL character’s personal starship. Each vehicle comes with its own battle stand, so these vehicles look awesome whether you send them into "combat" or stand them up in your collection!

Pack includes 3 die-cast vehicles and 3 display stands.


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