Avenger Chronicles

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Product Code: JAN083789 UPC: 978193307640951895 ISBN: 978193307640951895
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336 pages; soft cover; black & white

Moonstone Books is proud to present this original anthology featuring eighteen never before seen tales of The Avenger, the first new "Justice, Inc." fiction in more than thirty years! Authors include: Max McCoy, Robert Randisi, Ron Goulart, Tom DeFalco, Joe Gentile, Robert Greenberger, Clay and Susan Griffiths, CJ Henderson, Howard Hopkins, Paul Kupperberg, Chris Mills, Will Murray, Mel Odom, Gary Phillips, Martin Powell, James Reasoner, Richard Dean Starr, and Dan Wickline. The Avenger Chronicles also includes stunning cover artwork by the original Avenger paperback cover artists, Peter Caras (creator of more than 1,700 cover paintings, & a student of Norman Rockwell), and original interior illustrations by Andy Bennett (Vampire: The Masquerade) and Dave Aikins (Zombie, the Board Game). The Direct Market Softcover edition features a cover painting by Dave Dorman, while the Book Trade Softcover edition features a cover by Peter Caras. Also available is a Limited Hardcover edition, limited to 300 copies and featuring original cover art by Doug Klauba, plus an exclusive to this edition Avenger story by Chinese/Indonesian martial arts master, Joe Judt!


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