ReFraze Junior Edition

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Product Description:
Do Your Kids Listen to Music?

Go to the Movies?? Watch TV???

Then they'll love ReFraze where the Names of Songs, Movies, or TV shows are "Rephrased" and the players race to be the first to figure out the actual names.

In this fast-paced game, "Veggie Tales" is the correct answer to the ReFraze TV show question: Carrots and broccoli stories. Chips are awarded to you or your team for each ReFraze question you solve. But be careful blurt out the wrong answer and you just might lose chips. It makes a great party game! You can even host your own ReFraze tournament. And the compact box makes it easy to take on the road for traveling fun!

Each Junior Game Contains: 200 ReFraze Cards, 36 Game Chips 30 Sec. Timer & Instructions

As An Added Bonus... There are also 30 reusable blank ReFraze cards that you can use to make up your own ReFraze questions. Simply use a dry erase marker on the coated reusable cards and you can continue to reuse them to create your very own new and exciting ReFraze questions.


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