House of Mystery Vol 2: Love Stories for Dead People

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DC / Vertigo > House of Mystery
Product Code: MAR090236 UPC: 978140122276551499 ISBN: 1401222765
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Written by Matthew Sturges and Bill Willingham; Art by Luca Rossi, Tony Akins, David Petersen, Henry Flint, Bernie Wrightson and Kyle Baker

Mature Readers

128 pages, soft cover, full color

Unlock the doors to the HOUSE OF MYSTERY, the new ongoing series that reinvents the classic DC Comics concept. This second volume collects issues #6-10 and continues shedding a light on exactly why five strangers have found themselves trapped in a supernatural bar where extraordinary patrons pass the time telling astonishing stories. And if you think the bar is an odd place, wait until you see what happens in the basement of the House of Mystery! Featuring art by acclaimed creators such as David Petersen (Mouse Guard), Bernie Wrightson (SWAMP THING), Kyle Baker (PLASTIC MAN) and more, find out what the heavy buzz behind this new series is all about!


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