Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Vol 7: Dueling Ambitions

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Star Wars > Knights of the Old Republic
Product Code: JUL090099 UPC: 978159582348951895 ISBN: 1595823484
Product Description:
Written by John Jackson Miller; Art by Brian Ching, Bong Dazo, and Dean Zachary

144 pages, soft cover, full color

Former Padawan-and former fugitive-Zayne Carrick is taking his life in a new direction. Along with his con-artist best friend Gryph; the beautiful, bold, and mysterious Jarael; and ex-Mandalorian warrior Rohlan; our bumbling yet lovable hero is ready to embark on the sort of adventures only possible in the Star Wars universe! In 'Prophet Motive,' it's a long-shot swindle gone wrong; in 'Faithful Execution,' it's a ghost ship and renegade droids; and in 'Dueling Ambitions,' it's combat sports and high-speed racing.


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