Kabuki Reflections HC

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Product Code: DEC090577-COVER UPC: ISBN: 0785143289
Product Description:
Written by David Mack

320 pages, hard cover, full color

Collecting the first six art books of Marvel's REFLECTIONS series from multiple Eisner Award-nominated creator David Mack, this gorgeous volume of cover paintings and step-by-step art techniques is being presented in oversized hardcover format to show off Mack's work to full effect. Readers have been waiting for an oversized art-book collection of Mack's work for years, and this monster volume delivers with loads of extras -- including never-before-seen art, new paintings, a cover gallery, figure studies, step-by-step art techniques and commentary, remastered pages, new design pages, a 'Best of Letters' section, and more! A whopping 320 pages with extra features -- all elegantly collected in a high-end oversized hardcover with high-quality paper, embossment, and an all-new introduction and interview!


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