Sounds Like a Plan

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What's the best plan for climbing Mt. Everest? How about the worst plan for making a million bucks? Find out in this party game that's all about giving outrageous advice! Select a card containing a piece of advice that best fits the judge's chosen activity. Score points if the judge takes your advice, but keep in mind that plans change with the roll of a die… You might have to give out bad advice, your grandma's advice, or even advice from a psychic! Take our advice and play today! To paraphrase the great John Lennon, “a game is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” Such is the case with Sounds Like a Plan, the latest party game from the creative minds that also brought us the million-selling In a Pickle. As so many inventors tell us, the best ideas come not when they are focused on trying to make something, but when they are busy doing other things. So if you want our advice about how to make the next great game, don’t plan for it and it will certainly happen


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