Lenny Zero & Perps of Mega City One

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Product Code: DEC101029 UPC: ISBN: 1907519769
Product Description:
Written by Andy Diggle; Art by Jock, Steve Dillon

160 pages, soft cover, full color

It takes a special kind of criminal to survive the mean streets of Mega-City One. Meet Lenny Zero, an ex-undercover Judge who's always one step ahead of the game, playing mobsters and the mob alike. Slick Dickens, master criminal and style trendsetter is always ahead of the pack. In the Big Meg's Barrio Blocks, they call Carlito Agarra the 'Bato Loco.' Carlito is just trying to make a few dishonest creds, but that's not so easy when both the mob and the Judges are always on your back!


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