Amelia Rules #18

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Release Date:8/22/2007
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Product Code: APR073929
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Writer: Jimmy Gownley

When Amelia and her friends find out that "Ninja Joan" isn’t moving away, they’re all thrilled... but why doesn’t Joan seem happy? Then, when Kyle invites Amelia to a 6th- grade dance, they find out the truth — Joan’s father is being sent on a dangerous deployment with his job as a Captain in the United States Army. Suddenly the young friends need to help Joan through a very difficult time — knowing she won’t see her father for a year... and that’s the best case scenario. With introductions by Iraq war veteran Major Stephen M. Murphy, and his son Taegen Murphy (Age 11), this issue comes complete with a lesson plan to assist teachers and counselors in using the issue to help kids in similar situations.


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