Crazy Papers

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Product Code: JUL063013 UPC: 978097778780750650 ISBN: 9780977787807
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by Jim Dougan & Danielle Corsetto

52 pages; soft cover; black & white

Melanie's pushing 30 and is treading water in her career and love life. Her impulsive friend Amanda blows into town looking for love in all the wrong places — and finds it in the arms of a charming chap with a mysterious briefcase. Their romance sucks Melanie and her friend Violet into a whirlwind weekend of wannabe gangsters, bar brawls, Bon Jovi, jealous husbands, and jail time. The strain will test the girls' friendship — but will it give Melanie the kick she needs to get out of her rut? And just what's in that briefcase, anyway?


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