X-O Manowar: Birth HC

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Product Code: FEB084088 UPC: 978097964091952495 ISBN: 978097964091952495
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by Layton, Shooter, Quesada & Windsor-Smith

192 pages; hard cover; full color

This digitally recolored and remastered Valiant special edition collects the full X-O Manowar origin story from issues #0-6 for the first time ever, and includes an all-new 'The Rise of Lydia' story by Bob Layton and a new cover by Sean Chen! Aric Dacia is a Visigoth barbarian captured by spider aliens and enslaved aboard their starship until he steals their ultimate weapon - the X-O Manowar armor. Aric returns to Earth only to find that 1600 years have passed. Now, the most primitive man on the planet wields the most technologically advanced weapon in existence! Features explosive artwork by Barry Windsor-Smith and Marvel EIC Joe Quesada and a story by legendary creators Bob Layton and Jim Shooter!


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